How to stay creative with a newborn

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About a year before Ben was born I created my first business baby, Pearson and Paisley studios.

I started off really strong; orders were flowing in, I kept up with my facebook marketing and created a website. I had made a decent chunk and even saved enough for spending money to our trip to Hawaii for Darren’s 40th birthday. Then Hawaii happened: and not even a month later, I found out I was pregnant with Ben.

One of my favourites ❤

Almost instantly I lost my energy to keep painting. Nearing the third trimester, I painted for a bit longer until I had just become too exhausted.

Ben is now two months old and takes up every bit of me. In fact, the only way I am writing this right now is holding Ben in one arm and typing with my free hand on my phone. I find myself itching to get back into my studio and just zoning out. But, with motherhood comes responsibilities and very little time. Naps are not long enough during the day to even start to get set up and bedtime doesnt exist yet. So how will I stay creative during these crucial transitional months? I started to brainstorm and here is what I will try to do.

1. Write.

About the easiest project I can take on with Ben! I had Growing Paynes in my mind while I was pregnant with Ben and I just needed to push myself to get these thoughts out there. I’m so glad I did and feel the more I write, the more I can really get creative with words.

2. Sketch.

If painting is out of the cards for me currently I can always keep a sketch pad close to me. I enjoy drawing, and it’s really just mindless with little to no prep work. Some of my favourite sketches is some caricatures I started to fool around with a few years back. Hey Ben, I just need my left hand for this one!

Not my sketch, but I thought it was adorable 😊

3. Work with different mediums.

My go to is acrylic. I’m not sure why but for me, it’s been the easiest to work with. I own a set of oils (which are out of the question at the moment) and a set of watercolors. Watercolor might actually work better for me right now, as if it dries all you need to do is to add water and voila! Keep painting. I do need some practice with these but itll be less wasteful if I switch over. Who knows what I can create?

4. Prepare in advance.

As Ben gets older, I’m hoping I can get the naps longer. If I can prep each project in advance, even an hour of uninterrupted creative space can do a world of difference. Of course, you need to make the time in order to create, so put down the phone, turn off the netflix and get painting girl!

As another year closes, I’m excited for what 2019 holds. Will it be different? Yes. Will it be challenging? Also, yes. But I have a feeling it will be the most rewarding year of my life. ❤

Do you have any additional tips to share? I would love to hear some ! Drop a comment below.

Take care ❤