I tried “Hello Fresh” last week! Here are my thoughts…

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Hey guys! Just wanted to start off today’s post by saying this is not an ad. I am brand new in the blogging world, so I doubt I will see any paid partnerships any time soon. So what you see, is my real, honest opinion of the popular boxed meal delivery, “Hello Fresh”. I thought it would be fun to give readers insight as to what I thought before they might want to try it themselves! So today I will focus ona few topics that will help you make an informed decision on whether or not Hello Fresh is for you.

Price. I received a gift card to try out HF, so I gave it a go. With the gift card, I spent 20 dollars on three meals for the week. Normal price for three meals, two people per week is $79.99 CAD. It is a weekly subscription, but you can skip any week you want. (Make sure you do, or you will be billed!)When I think about a grocery shop, it’s about this price for the two of us, however we come home with more. So I would say the price is worth it if you are looking for convenience, and taking the guess work out of preparing the food.

Quality. The ingredients were without a doubt high quality, and it comes with information on where your food comes from. They pride themselves on finding local produce and meat. Each ingredient came in it’s own packaging. The recipe cards were bright, had pictures and step by step instructions.

Full size recipe cards

Individually wrapped ingredients

Recipes. I tried the buffalo tofu macaroni and cheese, savory Turkey soup and garlic and ginger glazed beef. All three were delicious! I especially loved the garlic and ginger glazed beef. The other two were kind of spicy for my husband, but well, let’s be honest, he is a wimp. What I really liked about it is, all three recipes offered an assortment of veggies and protein. They did not skimp on flavor either! I was able to try new recipes, that I may not have tried without Hello Fresh.

Functionality. When I logged onto the Hello Fresh website, it offered me an app so I downloaded it. I love the app! There is a calendar to view which recipes they will be offering that week, and also a button you can use to skip the week altogether if you don’t need it. They offer six different options and you can choose three. By the way, they have different meal plans such as the family plan and pronto plan, in case you are looking for bigger portions.

Convenience. As mentioned before, the biggest selling feature to Hello Fresh is the convenience. The meals were delivered to my door and were packed right, with proper food handling practices. When opening the packaging, each recipe gives you exactly what you need to cook your meal. You may have to add things you will probably already have, such as butter or olive oil, but you don’t need to break out the measuring cups for each item. The one thing I will point out is, any meat or produce still needs to be prepped. I was kind of hoping they would do EVERYTHING for me. (Lazy mom right here!) (Just kidding- baby holding mom right here)

Ginger glazed beef ingredients

Overall, I will give Hello Fresh 4.5 out of 5 stars. I really hope I get to try it out again, although we may be living on a tight budget right now. (Perfect for when I go back to my 9-5!) My mouth is still watering over the garlic and ginger glazed beef ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope this helps if you are thinking of trying Hello Fresh! Below is my referral code in case you are interested in trying. It gets you $40 dollars off! That is an awesome price for three meals.


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