Four Netflix must-sees on your Christmas holidays

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This week was a particularly tough one. I was feeling rather lonely, broke and stressed because Ben was demanding every single minute of my attention. He only wanted to be in mommy’s arms. So, needless to say the household chores piled up and we wound down. Sometimes, this just needs to happen, right? I popped on Netflix and was pleasantly surprised with what I watched. (Do they aim to please near Christmas or what?) Here are my picks that I think are worth your attention.

1. Dark Tourist. New Zealand journalist David Farrier takes you on a tour of dark and twisted tourist attractions, all surrounded by death and tragedy. Although the title sounds like it wouldn’t be fun at parties, I actually found this documentary to be fascinating, funny at times, jaw dropping, educational, and downright disgusting. Each episode focuses on a different part of the world, from South America to the ‘Stans. With no travel in my foreseeable future, I loved going to places I probably will never visit.

2. The Fix. Host Jimmy Carr and his very signature laugh takes us into some very real worldy issues and discusses it with a variety of comedians. The resident comedians D.L Hughley and Katherine Ryan team up with guest stars and propose satirical “fixes” for issues such as social media and immigration. The audience then votes on which is better So funny, but also touches on some important facts. You get to laugh and learn! Check it out.

3. Loving Pablo. Real life husband and wife Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem star in this movie. Cruz plays Virginia Vellejo, Escobar’s journalist lover and tells the story of her journey through the rise and fall of Pablo’s empire. Despite getting lackluster reviews I actually enjoyed this film. Maybe it’s because I’ve never watched any of the narcos shows (although I think I will now!) Bardem’s performance, to me was spectacular and I actually forgot that it was indeed him and not Escobar himself.

4. Bird Box. If you are looking for a apocalyptic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further. Sandra Bullock really delivers as the main character, who is pregnant at the time when a mysterious “mist” makes you kill yourself if you look at it. I havent quite fully figured out this movie, and I’m still mulling over some theories, and would love to hear some of yours!

Have you seen any of these? Opinions ? Thoughts?

Merry Christmas guys! Enjoy your time off with your loved ones ❤ take care,